REMINDER: Join us in the next webinar organized by the EANS Neuro-Trauma Section!

Cranioplasty 2.0 – current standards and trends
We are glad to invite you to the next webinar hosted by the EANS Neuro-Trauma Section featuring the topic:

Cranioplasty 2.0 – current standards and trends

The discussion will be moderated by Alexander Younsi and our invited speakers will contribute with the following talks:

Rick Vreeburg: Timing of cranioplasty – from ultra early to (too) late
Dirk Lindner: Doing a cranioplasty and handling complications
Johannes Pöppe: Future directions for alloplastic implant design – from intraoperative molding to point-of-care 3D-printing of patient specific PEEK implants
Harry Mee: From consensus statements to prospective registries – what is the evidence for cranioplasty?

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When: 29 November 2023, 17:00 CET
Register free of charge. Don’t wait – the number of registrations is limited!
Live stream will be available via our Facebook and Youtube.