Address of the President of the Association

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am proud to have your trust to be the President of the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Association for the next two years. I express my respect to all of you for your efforts to develop neurosurgery in Ukraine. Our predecessors and teachers laid the foundation for the development of the specialty and brought Ukrainian neurosurgery to a worthy international level. At our level, each of us is doing our best to improve the standing of neurosurgery in society, represent Ukrainian neurosurgery at European and world congresses; we provided adequate neurosurgical care during the military operations in the East of Ukraine in the confrontation with the aggressor country. Please be assured that I take seriously my main task as President of the Association — to serve the interests of our entire professional community — regardless of your different clinical experience, fields of activities, medical specialties, categories, academic titles, degrees, places of work, etc. The same commitment applies to all members of the Board of the Association, who strive to continue to grow our common heritage and develop neurosurgery in Ukraine and the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Association. With all the past and current changes in the regions of Ukraine, the Romodanov Neurosurgery Institute remains the National Neurosurgery Development Center and the defender of our regional branches and neurosurgical care as a whole. In this difficult time, we must stay together!
As the UNA President, I see my main task as strict adherence to the UNA Charter and fulfillment of the Association’s main tasks,

  • Developing clinical guidelines, protocols, standards, and quality management systems of neurosurgical care.
  • Organizing and holding neurosurgical congresses, conferences, seminars, symposia, exhibitions (including international), workshops, and speeches by Ukrainian and foreign specialists, experts exchange for training and experience sharing.
  • Promoting training and skill improvement courses for domestic neurosurgeons, both in Ukraine and abroad;
  • Promoting the organization of neurosurgery training programs.
  • On the instructions of the Ministry of Health, conducting expert assessments in the field of neurosurgery, accreditation, attestation, licensing, and certification.

My main goal is to unite neurosurgeons of Ukraine, promote the development of neurosurgery, the growth of professionalism of Ukrainian specialists, and legal protection of the Association Members!

Dear colleagues! All your suggestions for improving and optimizing the activities of the Ukrainian Neurosurgical Association will be gratefully received and considered as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you soon, at our next face-to-face meeting during the scientific and practical conference or online at the scheduled webinars. Stay safe and healthy! Together we are strong!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to neurosurgery!

Sincerely yours, Andrii Sirko